Thursday, April 17, 2008

What’s more important in our life ?

A question that comes again and again in our mind but unfortunately we don’t find the right answer ever. This may not be our problem, its may be because we are asking the wrong question. I believe that motto of one’s life should be to journey well. One should not think much about accidents and about reaching the destinations. In an 70 years of average life of a person, we spend 1/3rd of our life sleeping, 1/6th of life in eating and other daily routine work. On an average a person achieves at most 5 great personal milestones during a lifetime. In our context we will call it stations.

Rest of our life we spend waiting for something whose even picture is not clear. We should try something like landing on a station that you never thought of. Believe me you will be more amazed by that rather than reaching the destination that we wanted.

" Getting something less but if its unexpected, gives more happiness than getting something really big but was assumed to happen "

So let’s learn about our system, let’s try different things, this world is really big and we can spend all of our life exploring. Humans are programmed to like the change. So don’t ever fear of changes. We feel much attached to a person or thing and feel that what if he loses it? This starts the recursive chain of endless thinking, worrying and over judging the things.

So let’s make a promise that we won’t sit on same chair for long, we’ll keep switching the buses and keep trying new things in life.

" Best things in life are FREE, and you don’t need to purchase anything else to get these best things "

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api said...

gr8...tats life....young ppl out thr....try 2 read bw lines...