Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Matrix is Real

Hi There,

I am not writing this because I have seen The Matrix hundred times. Its because I wanted the world to know that I believe it.

It's not the first time I am feeling that I am, In fact all of us are in a Matrix. There are several unsolved mystery in this world whose answer can not be given by even Science. But when we start believing in Matrix, it appears that there's no mystery at all.

There are simple questions also which make us amuse like why does someone tries to look like someone follows someone yet tries to look different ? Why does a curly hair girl want's it straight and straight haired gets it curled ? We are programmed to like the change, we are programmed to get our-self busy. In ancient Indian artifacts and literature, Vedas, its clearly mentioned that our mind is like pond with a lot of vrittis (interference) due to so many thought waves. It keeps us from self realization.

I'll keep on posting my thoughts ... on The Matrix