Monday, February 4, 2008

sinking of iips indore

The story starts about 5 years back. Those days i was preparing fro IIT-JEE but was not able to make it even a single time in a successive trials for 3 times, Not even so called screening tests . I remember a person whotold me about iips indore. IIPS is a department of Devi Ahilya University, Indore. I was told that students from iips are good enough to compete IITians in industry. I didn't believe him cause i've'nt heard about this college before. But when i met seniors and saw the difference myself, i was amazed. Next year i was in IIPS with a lot of dreams and wishes like i'll learn alot of things, mentor myself and go to higher levels in computer sciences and may be someday invent something. he he ....

For the very first semester everything was almost perfect, as i predicted. After that i am close expector to the sinking of IIPS. Year by year its reputation is diminishing, so the intake quality so and so it goes recursively. You can see the difference in the intake statistics. Earlier there were 60-65 % students used to be from other parts of india nd rest from indore. This statistics is swapped now. There's no competition, no quality and most important of all no vision.

I remember that there used to be students who have made first wearable computer of india and one who made, those who took IIPS at rank 24 in all india B- Schools ranking.
Surprised !! don't be. Ever visited our library? specially those projects sections made by students. Go add some history of IIPS to your spare memory. Browse the projects made by those people and the projects made in last 4 years. You will observe the difference yourself.
For the last few years it was very very frustating for me , i was not able to find someone to come along. But thanks to time, it just healed away everything. It was very difficult or me to understand why it happened, but now i think i 've learned using off class time. There is no college in India having only 4 hour lectures. After that you are free, you have full 20 hours in hand. I think my train is back on track.

Now i realise that only difference was the students, not the faculty not the infrastructure, nothing else. Those students used their time not like us who sit back and relax that everybody gets placed so easily so will be us. And believe me other difference was the fear which propelled them to study like anything. Fear was simple, IIPS was not very recognized. Thay had only one way to get through this, "study everything that comes in our way" and proof for this is the very first batch which is most successful than any following batches. They are all in United States. Time is a great teacher. I felt it.

if you are surprised why i'm sharing all this to you, then i say

"i believe that may be you have similar feeling related to IIPS and you are not able to figure out what to do, then only you have the answer, just go get it. Culprit are not faculties, not administration, not the IIPS, not University............ Its YOU"

"i just want the world to know that i'm HAPPY IN IIPS "


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simply bhavana said...

i completely agree wid you.. i dont know how i landed on this page.. but this was the same feeling that i was observing lately..Whether IIPS can regain its spirit or not is a BIG QUESTION!.. :(

s@chit said...

hi anchit..ur blog was very helpful for me as am going to iips myself.And m sure iips will soon regain its old stature. thanx

Paras said...

mindblowing yaar ......truly said........i liked ur blog a lot.....

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Jai Hind said...

Hi Achint,

Landed on this blog and your observation is, by and large correct in my opinion. However, a few things I would want to add-

1. Yes, the name of the institute was coz of the students - they simply stood out and called for the glory. One thing that was supportive was - no destructive interference (I hope... coz IIPS was a newer name).
Not comparing my case with them, but, me and a friend started working on a few projects out in the market. Soon we realized that it could be a gud idea to pull people in and build a good team, delivering solutions to our clients and experiences to ourselves. We talked around in our batch, no one really turned up.
We talked around in the junior batch, a few people showed interest. The very next day, both of us were summoned by the great 'revered' leadership (we all know the name) and asked as to why and what are we doing without his 'permission' (there you see the spirit of a self-start getting killed). The words used were - 'Haisiyat', 'Aukaat', etc. Professional huh!!
First of all, we didn't have any revenue promise in place - the projects were not commercial yet. Secondly, we were trying to learn! So, there definitely is some reason as to why a few people trying to do something productive do not step ahead. I've worked in the DC myself for sometime and have seen a real lowlife quality of work, compared with what I did manage to pull up when I worked full-time with my studies @ IIPS.
The startup culture can never come up with these kind of people around, IIPS can dream/boast of whatever suits them/us.

2. The quality of students has dived down... but doesn't an institute that claims (or at least aspires) to be one of the best needs to have a reasonable quality of faculty team? (especially with the sort of tuition fee charged)
Quality comes too late - firstly, attitude needs to be reasonable. E.g.: A renowned (?) full time faculty member who taught us Linux (i mean... used to play slides and give away xerox copies) used to enter the classroom as late as 20 mins after the scheduled time quite frequently - but on any other day, used to bar any student entering the class after she entered! She can demand respect... but can't command it this way!

3. We were taught compiler design by a visiting faculty from SGSITS (2nd year ME student) who couldn't even communicate properly with the students!

4. A batch faci who taught us ADA was a self confessed freelance dev failure and hence resorted to teaching!

The list goes on and on...
The point is - the students definitely need to take initiative. But an institute shouldn't be famous just coz it charges a quarter and a half lakhs p.a. of tuition fee, conducts 4 hours of classes everyday, employs **** faculty, SABOTAGES personal startup initiatives and still expects a great quality of students walking into it and raise the flag high!

Today, I'm the CTO of a booming startup.. we hire freshers for a work environment promise and compensation far better than the industry standards - but I would not visit the campus with a recruitment proposition ever coz the 'aukaat' guy sits in the middle, and lowlives 'teach' the students!